Why use ARB as Property Managers?

Put the worries of your investment property in our hands! ARB Management is the central point for all of your property needs. We always provide carefree, trusted and low-cost management solutions. Your investment is our number one priority.

ARB can provide for your property management needs because of:

Local Area Experienced

Low Vacancy Rates

Strict Screening Process

Local Staff with Expert Training

Landlord Insurance

Specialized Home Inspections

Multi-Channel Marketing

Keep Tenants as long as possible

Streamlined Rent Collections and Evictions

Owner's FAQ

Management fee 6 to 10 % depend the Rent of the property and number of property per owner.

Renting fee(finding a tenant fee) One Month Rent.

Upto $300 repair their is not upcharge, above 300 15% management fee

Once year inspection, any additional inspection request is $150/inspection

Grass Maintenance is tenant responsibility
Weed Control is Owner’s responsibility

One month as Security deposit collect and keep in Trust account.

Tenant get the security deposit rent back once property is inspected. Tenant will not be charged for normal wear & tear.

State and Federal law Governs” Service animal and Emotional Animals are legally not not considered Pets and therefore pet policy does not apply

Normal wear and tear generally refers to the expected deterioration of a unit caused by a tenant’s everyday use.

  • Scuff marks on hardwood and linoleum floors
  • Warped door frames and windows
  • Worn or faded carpet
  • Sun-faded blinds and curtains
  • Dirty or loose grout around floor tiles
  • Small scuffs on walls from door handles

No matter what state or jurisdiction your property falls under, you cannot legally charge a tenant for deterioration caused by normal wear and tear.

A few small holes from nails or tacks are generally considered normal wear & tear

If the tenant has been living in the unit for three or more years, you cannot charge them for a repaint as it is considered routine maintenance, as long-term deterioration would be regarded as wear and tear.

House required maintenance

    HVAC system service twice a year
  • Air Duct cleaning 5 to 7 years
  • Pressure wash driveway/sidewalk house siding 5 years
  • Checking Water Pressure 3 to 5 years
  • Routine Pest Inspections and Treatments and Termite Control every 6months
  • Inspecting for Signs of Wear or Damage
  • Performing Regular Roof Inspections
  • Gutters and Downspouts Maintenance
  • Trimming Trees and Bushes

Useful Life Expectancy

  • Hot water heaters – 10 years
  • Air conditioning units – 10 years
  • Refrigerators – 10 years
  • Ranges – 20 years
  • Plush carpeting – 5 years for family / 7 years for the elderly.
  • Interior flat painting – 3 years for family / 5 years for the elderly.
  • Tiles or linoleum – 5 years for family / 7 years for the elderly.
  • Window shades, screens, and blinds – 3 years for family and the elderly.
  • Garbage disposal 3 to 5 years
  • Toilets 10 years

Generally, a buyer will be able to offset their rental income by cash expenses, like property taxes, maintenance, mortgage interest and non-cash expenses, like depreciation. Accordingly, early years will create paper losses, which can be carried forward 15 years. Therefore, owners won’t pay tax on rental income until the losses are used up, typically around 12 years.

If you own your property as an individual and someone files a lawsuit against you, then your personal assets are at stake. However, if you create an LLC, then the only assets at stake are those owned by the LLC. In other words, your rental property is the only asset at stake and not your personal finances.

In addition to separating the rental property from your personal assets, you should also separate your rental properties from each other. If you own multiple properties, you can “insulate” each property from liability claims by setting up separate LLCs for each property. If you have all of your properties under separate LLCs, then if someone files a lawsuit pertaining to one of your properties, then the rest of your properties will not be affected by the lawsuit.

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